All forests are sacred gifts of God. We, the children of God, have a moral and ethical obligation to insure the protection and preservation of every acre of God's forests that have not yet been plundered and despoiled.

When one enters one of God's few remaining natural forests, one immediately feels both peace and anguish. The peace comes from being in the presence of the spirit of God as manifested in His towering trees, fragrant wildflowers, singing birds, sparkling waters and floating clouds. The anguish comes from the realization that selfish and greedy men and women are showing profound disrespect for God and His Creation by plundering and destroying His sacred forests around the world.

How long will it be before the spirit of God will begin to die along with His Creation?
How many tears will be shed before the political and corporate leaders of the world realize that their destruction of God's forests is causing devastating floods, droughts, landslides and famine? How long can civilization survive on what was once Planet Eden, when our top-soil has washed into the sea, our air is unfit to breathe and our coasts and their cities are drowned by the rising oceans?

We must demand that the tiny remnants of forests that remain untrammeled by humans be treated as sacred wilderness cathedrals dedicated to the glory of God.

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